A Confession and What the Plumber Found in My Kitchen Drain

So, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed. I was talking to my friend Brenda (who is really my therapist and who I was going to introduce in a well-thoughtout blog post about how I’m being totally honest. But now I just want to tell you that yes I’m a bit nuts and I see a therapist every two weeks).

So anyway, I was talking to my “friend” Brenda about how a few months ago I was like “Hey look at me! I have four kids and I’m totally sane and awesome!” and now I’m like “Ugh, don’t look at me because I have four kids and I’m totally overwhelmed and feeling really bitchy.”

First off, my limited edition 6-qt. Kitchen Aid stand mixer broke. I know. ‘Nuf said, right? I don’t really need to go on… but I will.

kitchen aid mixer

Then some other stuff that I can’t talk about happened.

Then a surgery that I can’t talk about happened.

And then my kitchen sink got plugged up. So I had to wash dishes in the bathroom. And then! We had to order pizza and eat on paper plates!

Oh wait. That was actually totally awesome.

Shane tried to fix the kitchen drain, but it got worse. Then I tried to fix it and it got even worse. So I called a plumber. He came this morning and fixed it! Yay! There was most definitely a clog in the drain. Wanna guess what was in there?

A plastic grocery bag, some dental floss and a bunch of grease build-up.

I got all defensive and was like, for surely the kids did it, or maybe the previous owners did it and it’s been in there for nearly three years. That’s possible, right?

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that maybe I am that overwhelmed. Maybe I really am that exhausted and distracted that I could flush a plastic bag down my kitchen sink without knowing it. Maybe I should visit my friend Brenda every week.

I got the kitchen all cleaned up and I was feeling like things were finally starting to turn in the right direction.

Then Shane called to me and said there’s a problem in our bathroom. This was the problem:


Apparently, the plumber blew out the drain in our bathroom (which is right next to the kitchen) drain. I won’t give you the boring plumber details, but basically our house is old and we have lots of additions and so nothing in our house is as it should be.

Roto Rooter sent out another guy right away and he didn’t even flinch when he saw the nastiness. I asked him later if it didn’t phase him because it didn’t involve a toilet and sewage. He confirmed enthusiastically.

He also pointed out that the “clog” from earlier actually came from under the bathroom sink. So, that explained where the plastic bag and dental floss came from.

So yay! I’m not really that oblivious!

For now.

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    Found you while roaming around on Sverve. So glad I did! You crack me up. Sorry your week has been filled with one bummer after another. Also – have you considered side work as a plumber’s diagnostician? Is that even a career? No matter. You could totally do it.

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