Charlotte. Have I mentioned she’s two?

I was sitting on my bed going through some papers. Charlotte comes over to me, opens her hand up and says “Here Mommy”. 

A handful of hair. 

Oh my gosh! Paper!! You’re supposed to be cutting paper! Not your hair!!

As part of Charlotte’s “school” we’ve been doing a lot of cutting. She has cut a lot. Enough for me to feel safe leaving her alone for a few minutes so I can use the bathroom and then get distracted by some task. 

Apparently, it wasn’t safe.





I didn’t think much of that hair because I checked her hair and she didn’t seem to be missing much at all.

Then I found this on the kitchen table. I swear I did not stage this.  




 This time I thought, “Whoa. That a lot of hair”. I checked her head again. But again, I didn’t notice much hair gone. Then a few hours later, Caleb discovered another clump of hair, even bigger than the last, on the couch. This time I checked her head really good because obviously I was missing something. 

I pulled up the hair on her right side and discovered this…




And later I found Eliza like this. I gasped and said “Oh my gosh!” and Ana said “Charlotte did it! She’s feeding the baby!”




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