Mean Mommy

Lately I’ve been a pretty nice mommy despite Eliza waking up 3-4 times a night. I’ve been able to see the cuteness and humor in most of the things the kids do and I haven’t “lost it” in so long that I can’t remember the last time I really screamed and lost my temper.

But yesterday I was struggling. I was tired, hungry, the girls refused to take a nap and the baby kept crying. I would have given her some Motrin but Charlotte dumped the whole bottle on the floor that morning.

I was catching myself getting mean. It’s pretty easy to catch myself doing this when Ana is around because she’s so sweet and very responsive to my sternness. Whereas with Caleb I would sometimes lose myself in Mean Mommy mode because most times screaming and losing my temper was the only way to get a reaction out of him.

For lunch Charlotte wanted pasta and parmesan cheese. Ana wanted Triscuits and salami. They ate about half of their lunch. Typical.

I made myself a lovely ham sandwich with ranch dressing, cheese and lots of lettuce.

They ended up eating over half of my sandwich even though when I make this exact sandwich for them, they don’t eat it!!! They take it apart and only eat the ham.

I couldn’t control myself any longer. Tired and hungry was I. Grumpy and mean was I feeling.


Poor sweet Ana said “But I hungry mommy. Your sandwich is really good.”

I was so grumpy that not even this broke my spell. I didn’t say anything. I just stormed off and googled “How to relax when your kids make you crazy“.

That wasn’t very helpful.

I didn’t want to go outside in the cold to “take deep breaths” and there’s no way they would have stayed in their room playing quietly.

I needed some magical cure for the grumpies.

But there was none.

I just tried to ignore the kids that were making me want to poke out my eyeballs (Ana and Charlotte) and concentrated on the kid that wasn’t giving me a hard time (Caleb). A movie for the girls and Lego time with Caleb.

Then a miracle happened. Shane unexpectedly came home an hour early! Ok well, it shouldn’t have been unexpected. I just forgot he was coming home so I could go to the post office.

I went to the post office by myself and it was wonderfully quiet. I felt like myself when I got home.

I am left thinking that my magical cure is a combination of a few minutes of alone time when Shane gets home and pushing myself to try harder. Try harder not to lose my temper. Try harder to focus on the positive. And try harder to not make a big deal about things I really can’t change, like grouchy little girls who think they don’t need a nap.

This morning, after two cups of coffee with Bailey’s Golden Cheesecake creamer, I am confident that Mean Mommy will be able to stay in hiding. Please pray for her.

How do you relax when your kids drive you crazy?

Do your kids think your food is tastier than theirs, even if it’s the exact same thing?

Do your kids still nap?

How do you like your coffee? Or does tea do it for you?

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  1. Amy Dowling says

    This is a great post! Some days can be so hard and I only have one! I know I would/will lose it much more often when/if we have more children! ; ) Isn’t it amazing how a trip to the post office can feel like an entire day at a spa after you have kids?? Taking a shower with the WHOLE BATHROOM to myself seriously feels like a piece of heaven. : )

    • MarieOliveira says

      Oh! Alone in the bathroom! Especially when there’s no space between the bottom of the door and floor for little fingers to peek through :)

  2. says

    Oh gosh, I could’ve written this myself just the other day! And yes, my kiddo totally eats my lunch, even if I’ve made him the same exact thing LOL. Like he literally grabs it out of my hands! Like you, I’ve found that a moment or two of quiet alone time to help refuel and recharge usually does the trick. :)

  3. Franticmommy says

    Awesome post. I admit I had several “thank Gawd it’s not just me moments.” we all have Epic Parent Fail moments. When I do, I just go to bed knowing tomorrow will be better and I WILL try harder.

  4. says

    As I sit here reading your post on how you were feeling grumpy, I am feeling grumpy. It is 10pm, my teenagers won’t even budge from the couch in our family room where they are watching TV. I am ready to drop from waking up at 4:30am. There are days I wish they would nap, but those days are long gone. It is rare for them to do so.
    Tea is my go to drink…fruit flavors are my favorites!

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