Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Chicken Recipe




Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Chicken
This is a popular dish in Hawaii and one I grew up eating. It's very quick and easy and my kids love it. I've given this recipe out more than any other recipe I've created and it's always loved.
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  1. 10 boneless chicken thighs
  2. 1 cup shoyu (soy sauce)
  3. 1/2 cup mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine)
  4. 1/2 cup water
  5. 2 tsp sesame seed oil
  6. 3 crushed garlic cloves
  7. 1.5 tsp grated ginger (or 1/2 tsp powdered ginger)
  1. Boil all in ingredient except chicken.
  2. Add chicken to sauce.
  3. Cook on medium for 10 minutes.
  4. Turn chicken thighs over and cook for another 5 minutes.
  5. Turn stove off and let sit for 10 minutes.
  6. Serve with white rice.
  1. I store the chicken and sauce separately so the chicken won't get too salty. The sauce is excellent for pouring over white rice and veggies.
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