Star Wars Paper Snowflakes

I actually did a crafty project with Ana the other day. Of course, it turned into a new mommy-only craft that required a special trip to a craft store and much money spent on new craft supplies.


I was inspired by The Sometimes Crafter‘s amazing paper snowflakes on her Instagram. I stalk her Instgram pics because I love her kitties.

Ana, of course, couldn’t cut the snowflakes so I had her color the paper first and thank goodness she was satisfied with that.

After making a bunch of mediocre snowflakes, I happened to see some really cool Yoda snowflakes on Instagram. Even though I’ve always considered The Ewok Adventure my favorite Star Wars movie, I recognized how awesome these snowflakes are so, of course, I had to find the pattern.


And then, of course, I had to run over to Michaels and buy some tracing paper because it’s thinner and much easier to cut.


And while I was at Michaels I, of course, had to pick up the most expensive Xacto knife they had, which had a 360 degree swivel head, which is “perfect for creating tiny circles and intricate patterns, the Craft Swivel Knife is a must have for any designer or hobbyist”. How could I NOT buy it?!!


But oh wow did it feel so nice to actually accomplish something crafty. I’m done with the snowflakes for now, but I’m already looking forward to next year when I will, of course, use some of the 98 pieces of tracing paper I have left.

Did you makes paper snowflakes with your kids?

Do you end up taking over the craft lessons and turning them into adult projects?

Which is your favorite craft store to shop?

Who is your favorite Star Wars character and/or movie?

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  1. says

    I did not know that the Ewok Adventure existed and I feel like my childhood could have done with this film! Granted it came out 2 years before I was born, but star wars (the good three) were all before I was born and I LOVED them, still do.

    I have some craft supplies, I used to be a scrapbooker. I get these wild urges to do crafts but they do not come often. I’m hoping when the kids are old enough that will change for me.

    I’m sure if you pinterest enough you will find things to do with that tracing paper, but then another trip to the store may be needed haha!

    • says

      Oh, the scrapbooking supplies! My husband wanted me to get into it because he likes the idea of preserving our kids memories. But good grief! You have to take out a billion supplies just to make one page! I still have all the stuff but I’m thinking I’ll have to wait until the kids are all in school before I get into it again.

      That’s a really good idea to look on Pinterest for tracing paper ideas!

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