Too Much of a Good Thing (how I organized my kid’s clothes)

Shane: I took out some leggings that were in Ana’s drawer. They are way too small for her.
Me: What color are they?
Shane: Brown.
Me: Oh, those are capris. They’re Ana’s.
Shane: Capris? How am I supposed to know that!? Ugh! Girls clothes are stupid!

We have been really blessed by so many people giving us used girl clothes. We have A LOT of clothes. We’ve also got a lot of girls.

Three of them. And so, I’m hanging on to 3 years worth of girl’s clothing at any given time.

I was talking to my friend Brenda about this a few days ago. I explained, with much angst, that it’s a nightmare trying to find a matching outfit and it was making me crazy.[pullquote]Ugh! Girls clothes are stupid![/pullquote]


I will let piles of clean clothes collect for days because the thought of putting them away made me cringe. And Shane’s groans of frustration every time he tried to find the girl’s an outfit, made me sad.

I know it’s just clothes. But it’s the mess, the disorganization, the fact that it shouldn’t be THAT difficult.

My friend Brenda has gently mentioned Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project several times. But during this discussion, I realized that organizing the girl’s clothes could be my Happiness Project for January.

I decided that there was no need for more than 10 outfits. So, I dumped out all of their clothes, picked the best 10 outfits and put the rest into the Goodwill pile.


before organizing kids clothes


after organizing kids clothes

And this is what was left over. The pile on the left has summer dresses and extra outfits I can replace worn outfits with; they go to storage. The pile on the right goes to Goodwill.


It didn’t take very long. It was easy. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

I no longer let the girls run around in their jammies until lunch time. I am no longer afraid to open their dresser drawers. It’s one less thing taunting at me “You have no control! You don’t know what you’re doing lady!”

I do know what I’m doing! I’m getting an outfit. And it’s THAT easy! 

I knew that the clothing mess bothered me, but when I felt the relief of it, I realized how much it had been affecting my productivity. I used to let the clean clothes pile up for days. Now I fold the clothes as it comes out of the dryer. It no longer seems overwhelming (and futile) to match up outfits and find space in dressers. It has made a huge impact.

Are your kid’s clothes out of control?

What one thing could you organize that would make a huge impact?

Have you read The Happiness Project?

Do you have a project or resolution for January? (leave a link!)

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